If a tree falls in a forest when no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

If someone creates innovative technology without communicating it, does anyone care?

You’ve made it. Your business is growing in Europe, and now you want to expand into the fast-paced North American market. Or maybe you’re already doing business in North America and want to grow.

I can help you communicate with your English-speaking users and business partners.

Innovation-driven language services

for information technology, patents, and clinical trials


French-English, Spanish-English


Reviewing and editing of your US English content

Examples of innovation-related content
I can translate from French or Spanish into English for you

Computer software code

Product descriptions

Mobile technology


Coding standards

Functional specifications

Clinical trial documents (information and consent forms, medical reports, and health questionnaires)

User manuals and online help


System documentation

Contracts and user agreements

White papers and reports


Database content

Crowdfunding campaigns

Social media content

Articles and newsletters

Thinking of doing it yourself?

If you speak English, you may be tempted to write your English content yourself.
Be careful! North American consumers might not take your company or product seriously if your written content sounds too “foreign.” Don’t let your hard work fall flat because of poor quality English-language content.

"Professional translators are writers, producing texts that read well in the target language. ... They are above all effective bridges between the languages they work in; they can render the message of the original text, with appropriate style and terminology, in their native language."

- From Translation: Getting It Right
In French: Traduction - faire les bons choix
In Spanish: Todo lo que siempre quiso saber sobre la traducción

Ready to take
the next step?

I help innovative companies do business in North America. With my extensive technical background, I can understand the ins and outs of your products and communicate your message to a North American audience, whether they are consumers or hard-core techies. In short, I can help you “Innover en anglais!”

Contact me today for a free quote on your translation project.