Software professional turned translator

I love technology. Seriously. How it feels, how it smells fresh out of the box. The way it changes us. The way it challenges us.
The way it inspires us. That’s progress. That’s innovation. That’s cool.

Street cred

I get it.

Innovation takes work. Hard work. I’ve been there.

Late night code deployments. Bugs that take way longer to fix than anyone expected. Rounds and rounds of testing.

I began my software career in the 1990s and spent over a decade working in tech support, software QA, PHP programming, and technical writing for companies like Wolters Kluwer and Google. I’ve also worked for a tech start-up and understand the passion that drives entrepreneurs.

I studied computational linguistics at Georgetown University. While at Georgetown, I designed and implemented an algorithm for annotating temporal data in multilingual news text using rules developed through automatic machine-learning techniques.

It’s grueling. It’s hard work. And as you probably know, It’s totally worth it. 

I speak your language…

Bachelor’s degree in French

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems

University minor in Spanish

Master’s degree in Computational Linguistics

…and I speak the language of your North American users and partners

Certificates in French-to-English and Spanish-to-English translation

Professional technical translator since 2005, specializing in innovation-related texts (IT, patents, and clinical trials)

Professional experience in software development and technical writing

I’m a member of

American Translators Association (ATA)

Translators Without Borders

Society for Technical Communication (STC)

Arizona Translators and Interpreters (ATI)

Ready to take
the next step?

I help innovative companies do business in North America. With my extensive technical background, I can understand the ins and outs of your products and communicate your message to a North American audience, whether they are consumers or hard-core techies. In short, I can help you “Innover en anglais!”

Contact me today for a free quote on your translation project.